CIN- U80900RJ2019PTC063908, TAN- JDHN14857D, PAN- AAMCM4281G

Scada Desinger

SCADA Designer:

SCADA General:

  • Applications Of SCADA Software.
  • Different Packages Available With Structure.
  • Features Of SCADA Software.

Practical Exposure On SCADA Software:

  • Creating A New SCADA Application.
  • Creating Database Of Tags.
  • Troubleshooting The Application.
  • Creating & Editing Graphic Display With Animation.
  • Data Entry / Start Stop Command and Analog Entry.
  • Sizing, Movement, Blinking, Visibility, Filling,Trending.
  • Creating & Accessing Real-Time Trends.
  • Creating & Accessing Historical Trends.
  • Creating Alarms & Events.
  • Writing Logic Through Scripts.
  • Connectivity With The Different Hardware.
  • Communication Protocols.
  • Communication With PLC.
  • Connectivity Between Software.
  • Concept Of DDE, DLL, OPC Drives.
  • Commissioning The Network Modes.