CIN- U80900RJ2019PTC063908, TAN- JDHN14857D, PAN- AAMCM4281G

Panel Designer

Panel Designer:

In this module, the candidate is firstly given all the knowledge of instruments used in Control Panel and Power Panel in industries.

  • Introduction.
  • Wiring Of Star To Delta Connection
  • Basics of control & power drawing
  • Safety factors during panel designing
  • Load management skills
  • Electrical protection & wiring circuits
  • Preparation of power & control circuits
  • Maintenance & troubleshooting of circuits
  • Designing Of Star to Delta Starter
  • Designing Of Direct On Line Starter
  • Designing Of Panel Box

After giving the knowledge about Relays, Contactors, H/W timers, Drives, HMI, PLC, Push Button, Toggle & Emergency Switches, LED, Indicators,Terminal Blocks, Casing, Channels, MCCB, Voltmeters, Ammeter, etc.
They are trained to design Industrial Panel in a sequential and proper way.
What are the safeties we have to keep in mind, hazardous conditions, labeling, and power flow, signal flow, etc are covered in this program.
We have designed various panels for U-Bending Machine, Battery Sealing Plant etc.