CIN- U80900RJ2019PTC063908, TAN- JDHN14857D, PAN- AAMCM4281G

HMI Module

HMI Module:

(Allen Bradley Panel View Standard/ Panel Builder )
Course Outline


This module introduces the students to Panel View System. It begins with an overview of the Panel View standards family of operation interface terminals and then moves on to Panel Builder software. Students will also learn the communication and tag database setup within Panel Builder software.

  • System Overview
  • Panel Builder
  • Communication
  • Tag Database


This module teaches the students how to organize and lay out screen for a standard panel view application as well as how to add and edit objects on the panel view screen. The students will learn the various standard output objects in the panel view and the ways in which numerical valves can be displayed and changed within a PHC application. Finally the students will learn how to create an alarm system with a standard panel view terminal.

  • Screen Control
  • Basic Objects
  • Indicator
  • Numeric Objects
  • Alarm