CIN- U80900RJ2019PTC063908, TAN- JDHN14857D, PAN- AAMCM4281G

Corporate Training

At Mecstech Automation, we understand the importance of elevating people’s skills in adapting to newer challenges and value the returns of investing in technical skills enhancement. Since 2008, Ma has been training for customers in the field of Automation & Drives through Mecstech Automation.
This Specific Course is Designed for to working professionals each course schedule well balanced theory and provides hands on trainings to optimize the knowledge about the products.
Our heels of professional trainers ensure that each participant make a contribution towards productivity and performance improvement in his organization.

Training Module:

  • Automation Related HMIs, SCADA, PLC Related Hardware & Software
  • Variable Speed, Electronics Controlled AC/DC Servo Motors and Drives
  • Electronics I Process Instruments, Mechatronics